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Koobi Fora Site

Koobi Fora Site

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A trip to where ‘it all began’

Koobi Fora Museum is located in the Koobi Fora region in northern Kenya, near Lake Turkana(Sibiloi National Park)

It’s a ridge of sedimentary rock on the eastern shores of Lake Turkana. The area is believed to be where Mankind evolved.

Home to significant fossil remains of a 2-million year old skull of Homo Habilis, the museum also showcases a number of other fossil remains of long extinct former African residents e.g crocodiles, giraffes and turtles.

Koobi Fora Museum & Elephant Fossil site – Safari254

Maybe you’re wondering a bit about the unique name; Koobi Fora comes from the Gabbra language and it means a place of the commiphora and the source of myrrh.

It’s perhaps best known for its specimen of the genus Homo, but those of the genus Australopithecus and Kenyanthropus platyops; found nowhere else in the world.

Make it part of your bucket list to visit this site and you’ll definitely enjoy an educational excursion like no other. It is a site rarely visited by many, but full of African heritage and interesting historical facts to discover. Book a tour with us!

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