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Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus

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An Enchanting Experience

Fort Jesus is a famous fort and historical landmark located in Mombasa Island. It was designed by Milanese architect Giovanni Battista Cairati. This famous site was built between 1593 and 1596, by order of King Philip I of Portugal, in order to guard the old port of Mombasa, after the Turkish raids of 1585 and 1588 at the coastline.

In 1593, the fort was dedicated and named “Fortaleza de Jesus Mombaca” by Mateus de Mendes(who was then Captain of the coast)

Along the Swahili coast, Fort Jesus was the only fort maintained by the Portuguese, and it’s recognized as the first successful attempt by a Western power to establish major influence over the Indian Ocean trade.

For any history lovers out there, or better yet, any adventure lover, this relic is a sure bet for you, friends and family to enjoy this fulfilling experience. 420 years of Heritage can’t get any better than this! And did you know that it is Mombasa’s most visited tourist attraction site, having been converted into a national monument in 1958? Now you know.


Your excursion inside the old Fort Jesus buildings will definitely be full of history, call it a history masterclass of some sort!

For starters, the fort combines Portuguese, Arab and British elements. The Portuguese and British presence is evident in the presence of big, old cannons, with some facing the Indian Ocean. Arabs marked their occupancy with various Koran inscriptions on the door posts, walls and ceiling beams. The Muslim tradition of five pillars is also portrayed throughout the fort.

Other historical structures still standing in the fort include a 76-foot deep well sunk by Arabs, an open water cistern by the Portuguese for harvesting rain water, and the Omani House; which was the house for Sultan who governed the East African coast.

Just by strolling around, you’ll notice a visible heavy influence of Portuguese architecture; from the walls, windows of the inner buildings, doors and even the stairs. It is truly a trip down memory lane and you’ll learn a lot of facts about the famous site.

You know what? Spare some time with family, friends and experience first-hand by booking for a tour with us. You’ll love it!

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